Evergreen Responsible
Growth Model
The Evergreen Responsible Growth Model Portfolio has been created to provide advisers and investors with the opportunity to invest in a long-term portfolio, designed to do more than just provide competitive investment outcomes.
This Model was created for investors who care about their money being invested wisely, as well as doing good for themselves and future generations.
What is Responsible Investing?
Responsible Investing is essentially the catch-all term for investing in an ethical, sustainable, impact, or ESG-aware manner.
Investors have become increasingly conscious of the impact companies are having on the environment and society. Investors are aware that some companies are undertaking activities that either avoid risks and/or are contributing positively towards sustainability.
Why Invest?
  1. Meet both investment and sustainability objectives;
  2. Access to best in class investment managers; and
  3. Investment bond providing flexibility, control and access at any time.

Underlying Managers

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Evergreen Consultants

Evergreen Consultants is an independent investment consultant that works with Australia’s best financial advisers and others to provide a range of bespoke investment solutions. Founded in 2016 by industry veterans, Evergreen is now recognised as one of the pre-eminent providers of investment consulting services in Australia.
Evergreen is a specialist in end to end investment consulting: fund and security selection, sustainability and ESG analysis, asset allocation, portfolio construction and reporting and analytics services.
With a team of experienced investment professionals with over 170 years of relevant experience, well defined investment processes and robust proprietary analytical systems, Evergreen is well positioned to provide best in class sustainable investment solutions using a multi-manager approach.