What We Do.

Evergreen Consultants is an independent investment consulting business, working with financial advisory firms to provide a range of bespoke investment solutions designed to deliver flexibility, efficiency and an enhanced client experience.

We partner with financial advisers to build multi-asset managed accounts on a variety of platforms and offer our own managed accounts on major platforms.

We also provide clients with traditional end to end consulting services if required. This includes strategic and dynamic asset allocation services, manager selection, portfolio construction, investment committee participation and management, reporting and advanced portfolio analytics.

Our clients include small institutions and high quality independent financial advisers.


Who We Are.

We have over 170 years of investment experience drawn from investment consulting, funds management and investment banking, both in Australia and overseas. With a team of experienced investment professionals, well defined investment processes and robust proprietary analytical systems, Evergreen is well positioned to assist our clients in meeting their business and investment objectives.

Founded in 2016 by industry veterans, Evergreen is now recognised as one of the pre-eminent providers of investment consulting services in Australia. This is evidenced by the business’ success in winning clients and growing its presence in the financial services market.

Our success is based on the close relationships we have with clients. Our work is highly bespoke. We listen to clients and take the time to understand their particular needs. We then work collaboratively to set objectives and deliver outcomes.

In the short time since Evergreen’s inception, the business has become well known to independent financial planners, small institutions, platforms, and fund managers alike.

The Team

Our Services.

We provide a wide range of investment services.

Investment Consulting

Our range of services encompasses the gamut of investment consulting: from the setting of fund or model objectives to portfolio construction, ongoing investment committee meetings and reporting.

Managed Accounts

We have worked with Australia’s best platforms to provide managed account solutions to a range of clients, all with varying objectives. This work sees us utilise all of our investment consulting expertise.

Bespoke Portfolios

We use bottom-up and top-down inputs to provide our clients with bespoke portfolios that are designed to take into account their particular requirements.

We meet regularly with our clients to manage those solutions on an ongoing basis, in a collaborative manner.

Portfolio Construction

In building portfolios, Evergreen works with clients to set objectives, based on variables such as return, risk and cost. We can then build or test a Strategic Asset Allocation using advanced quantitative techniques to ensure those objectives can be met.

We take a medium to long term approach to dynamic asset allocation. In order to formulate this positioning, Evergreen’s Asset Allocation Committee meets monthly to consider both short-term developments and medium-term trends in economies and markets.

Fund and Security Selection

We undertake extensive primary due diligence on over 200 funds and managers per annum. All fund managers used by Evergreen and its clients are visited at least twice a year and over time we build a deep understanding of the manager.

Our manager research process is forward looking and has been developed based on the extensive experience of the senior members of the firm.

Portfolio Reporting and Analysis

Evergreen has developed its own internal portfolio analytics system, GreenVUE. We use this to provide portfolio reporting to our clients. It delivers simple performance reporting, client-level sales tools and advanced analysis such as attribution analysis and stress testing.


Evergreen offers a range of investment models, available on the Macquarie, HUB24 and Dash (formerly WealthO2) platforms. All models are managed by the Evergreen Investment Committee and provide investors with a simple way of accessing the best of Evergreen’s investment expertise.

Fund Fact Sheets for each of the Evergreen models can be found below.

Evergreen Advantage Defensive Model – available on Macquarie Wrap

Evergreen Advantage Growth Model – available on Macquarie Wrap

Evergreen Premier Conservative Model – available on HUB24

Evergreen Premier Balanced Model – available on HUB24

Evergreen Premier Growth Model – available on HUB24

Evergreen Ethical Investment Balanced Model – available on Dash (formerly wealthO2)

For further information, please contact us.

Investment Bond.

The Evergreen Responsible Growth Model has been created to provide advisers and investors with the opportunity to invest in a long-term portfolio, designed to do more than just provide competitive investment outcomes.

Evergreen is proud to have partnered with Generation Life to create the first multi-manager investment bond.

This Model was created for investors who care about their money being invested wisely, as well as doing good for themselves and future generations.

More information is available here.

ERIG Index.

Evergreen has developed its own Responsible Investing grading system for managed funds, the Evergreen Responsible Investment Grading Index (ERIG Index). We have rated over 2,000 funds, with more being added every day.

The ERIG Index allows advisers and investors to find funds that meet their values, build portfolios that fully reflect those beliefs and check how ‘green’ their current portfolios are while comparing it to sector averages. Manager grades are updated annually unless a significant change requires a review.

To find out more about about the ERIG Index, and check how your portfolios rates, click here, for your free trial.

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