Every financial planning firm is unique. Because the needs of your client are unique, we think it is highly unlikely that these needs will be met in their entirety by a simple research subscription.

Quality investment solutions cannot be mass produced. The best, most insightful research is the result of experience, understanding, hard work and time. It takes into account the objectives of your practice and your clients.

Our interests should be aligned with our clients: the financial planner. For example, when needed, we research managers without charging the manager.

Adding value is about quality over quantity: a few good ideas is better than 6,000 ratings a year.

Manager selection can add value. Beta should be acquired cheaply and we should invest in alpha.

The best investment processes exist within robust governance structures, which we assist advisory practices to implement. This provides consistency and buy-in from advisers.

We should not be constrained by ratings. We should not be reliant on rating fees for income. However, we will leverage available research data - we don't need to re-invent the wheel.

Well-established investment processes add value and consistency. 

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