Investment Consulting

We offer a full range of investment consulting services, including:

  • Setting up of Investment Committee
  • Setting of investment objectives
  • Setting Strategic Asset Allocations, using a number of quantitative methodologies and return expectations
  • Setting Dynamic Asset Allocation ranges
  • Ongoing Asset Allocation advice
  • Manager Selection and Monitoring
  • Ongoing Investment Committee management
  • Reporting, including Portfolio Performance, Market and Economic Commentary and other client friendly communication
  • Ad hoc query management

Tailored Portfolios

Using a methodology similar to that which we apply for institutional clients, we work with financial advisers to build and manage tailored portfolios on the platform of your choice.

Evergreen SMA Models

For clients looking to outsource portfolio management to a trusted partner, the Evergreen portfolios can provide a simple, cost effective solution.

Our models are currently provided on Macquarie Wrap (Evergreen Advantage Growth and Defensive models) and HUB24 (Evergreen Premier Growth, Balanced and Conservative Models).

Portfolio Healthcheck

We offer a Portfolio Healthcheck service, where we will analyse your current portfolio in order to ensure it is fit-for-purpose. We will:

  • Check that the Portfolio’s SAA will meet stated return objectives with a high degree of probability
  • the Funds are of sufficient quality to be included in the Portfolio
  • that from a qualitative point of view, the Portfolio is well constructed, in line with your objectives
  • run the Portfolio through our quantitative analysis tool, GreenVUE and analyse results with you.

We can present our findings and analysis as a report that can be tabled at any Investment Committee meeting.

Research HelpDesk

It can be valuable to have an experienced team to bounce ideas or ask questions regarding funds, market events or any other investment related topic.

Or you may wish to attend our monthly Asset Allocation Committee meeting, which can provide financial advisers with 3.75CPD per meeting.

The Evergreen team also produce a variety of information that can be used with clients or with members of your team. This includes:

  • Monthly Market and Economic Commentary
  • Asset Allocation Positioning Documents
  • Manager Notes on every Manager meeting we undertake
  • Ad hoc sector reviews

Or you may wish to outsource Monthly Reporting to our experienced team.

We can package any these services to suit your needs.

Ad hoc Consulting

We have a number of long-term clients that we provide a variety of other investment-related services to. Please contact us to discuss your needs.