Evergreen provides bespoke investment solutions to advisory groups and small institutions.

Model Portfolio Construction

Evergreen’s approach to model portfolio advice is collaborative, with an emphasis on understanding client objectives.

Our process:

  • Objective setting
  • Asset allocation
  • Short list
  • Modelling
  • Portfolio construction
  • Communications – monitoring, reporting

Evergreen works closely with our clients to construct models whose objectives are specifically tailored for them.

This then forms the basis for asset allocation and appropriate strategies.

We then construct a blend of complementary managers, as opposed to simply selecting managers with opposing styles, in order to achieve the tailored risk/return objectives.

Furthermore, we believe that effective communication is just as important as investment outcomes, as individuals can often make wealth destroying decisions in the absence of an understanding of the drivers of investment returns within their portfolios.

In a world where people are looking for clear differentiation between low-cost and truly active solutions, we aim to create portfolios that reflect the preferences of our clients and their underlying stakeholders. 

Evergreen therefore seeks to ensure clients’ portfolios are not over-diversified and will exhibit the desired characteristics. For example, some clients may wish to deliver on CPI+ objectives while others may wish to minimise deviations from the benchmark.

Similarly, we recognise that some clients will wish to implement a portfolio that is distinctive and reflects their preferences and outlook.

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