As you would expect, Evergreen is also able to present at professional development days and conferences on subject matters such as economic and market updates, portfolio updates as well as topics such as goals based investing and behavioural finance.

APL Management

Evergreen is able to assist in the construction and monitoring of dealer group APLs. Evergreen can undertake analysis of dealer group APLs to ensure that there is sufficient coverage across most of the major asset classes and that the products are appropriately rated. Evergreen believes in constructing and maintaining a sufficiently broad APL to cover a variety of asset classes but not too broad that it becomes unmanageable for a dealer group to monitor and administer from a compliance perspective.

Evergreen is able to monitor dealer group APLs on an ongoing basis. This includes ongoing performance monitoring, monthly or quarterly quantitative analysis as well as manager meetings, either face-to-face or via teleconference.

Research Modules

Market Module

The Market Module is Evergreen’s flagship vehicle for communicating our view on prevailing economic conditions, our investment recommendations, asset class analysis, topical special feature articles as well as benchmark tables and historic return information for risk profiles and asset classes.

Manager Reports

Evergreen publishes a short fund manager review document on reviewed fund managers. The Fund Manager Review Document is designed to gain a thorough understanding of the Fund Manager; its people, process and business management as well as providing quantitative analysis and discussion.

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